Wheeling & Banking/Open Access


Details of IPPs
The Wheeling & Banking Agreements are been executed with the intended IPPs (as per the Standard wheeling & banking agreement for Non REC route (Anx-I) and REC route (Anx-II) ) who proposes to wheel power to the HT installations within BESCOM jurisdiction in the prescribed format as approved from KERC vide order dated 8.07.2014 . The Wheeling charges & Banking charges are 5% and 2% respectively for Wind , Mini-hydel projects.The solar generator are availing Wheeling & Banking facility without Wheeling/ Banking & Cross Subsidy Surcharge charges for Solar Projects . The commission has issued orders inter-alia extending the exemption from “Wheeling & Banking charges & Cross Subsidy Surcharges” for a period of 10 years in respect of Solar project achieving COD between 01.04.2013 to 31.03.2018 as per KERC order dated 19.08.2014.Cross Subsidy Surcharges for Wheeled energy are been collected for Non Captive consumers as per KERC tariff Order dated 30.03.2016.The IPP existing within BESCOM jurisdiction &who have executed Wheeling & Banking Agreements are 23 Nos IPPs. Monthly bills are issued from this section based on “B” form for 23 Nos IPPs. After receipt of “C” forms from the generators, monthly official memorandums are issued allowing them to wheel energy generated to Captive and Non-Captive consumers within BESCOM jurisdiction.

Open Access Transactions: In accordance with the KERC Open access Regulations 2004 and further amendments thereon, open access is being allowed to HT consumers within BESCOM with Contract Demand> 1MW . As per the request letter from CEE, SLDC, KPTCL,NOC issued to 112 Nos. EHT &HT consumers, forimporting purchase of Power through Power Exchange under Open Access.

Input Energy of BESCOM

Computed energy is been reconciled every month based on the data furnished from TBC, KPTCL& during meeting held at TBC

Apart from the above, correspondence with Generators, KPTCL, GOK, KERC, SLDC, etc& Statistical information are being furnished. The Para wise comments and details for petition filed before KERC/High Court etc. either from Generator /BESCOM are been furnished to the Advocates for handling the cases. Weekly hearing at KERC are been attended and any information sought during hearing are been furnished.