The Govt. of India proposed to continue R-APDRP during the XI Plan with revised terms and conditions as a Central Sector Scheme. The focus of the program shall be on
  • Actual, demonstrable performance in terms of sustained loss reduction.
  • Aims at reducing the overall Aggregate Technical and Commercial (AT&C) losses of distribution companies.
  • Establishment of reliable and automated systems for sustained collection of accurate base line data.
  • The adoption of information Technology in the areas of energy accounting before taking up the regular distribution strengthening projects.


To reduce AT&C Losses of selected towns to less than 15% over a period of 5 years.

To reduce annually overall AT&C losses of ESCOMs:-


  1.  By 3% if the existing AT&C Losses are more than 30%.
  2. By 1.5% if the existing AT&C Losses are less than 30%.

Sources of funding:

GoI will provide up to 25% Loan for Part B.The balance 75% shall be sourced from FIs/REC/PFC etc.
  • Up to 50% loan for Part-B projects shall be converted into grant in five equal trenches on achieving 15% AT&C loss in the project area duly verified by Third Party Independent Evaluation Agency- Energy Accounting (TPIEA-EA) on a sustainable basis for a period of five years. If the utility fails to achieve 15% AT&C loss target in a particular year, that year’s trench of conversion to grant will be reduced in proportion to the short fall in achieving 15% AT&C loss.
  • The sanctioned DPR works shall be executed on Turnkey basis for better quality and timely completion of project

Salient features of R-APDRP

  1.   Bring about commercial viability
  2. Reduce outages & interruptions
  3. Increase consumer satisfaction

Scope of works

  • 66 or 33 KV Line : New Feeder/ Feeder Bifurcation/Augmentation
  • 66/11 or  33/11 KV SS : New/Augmentation
  • 11 kV Line : New Feeder/ Feeder Bifurcation
  • Distribution Transformer: Capacity Augmentation/ New Transformer
  • LT Line : New Feeder/ Feeder Bifurcation
  • Aerial Bunched Cables
  • Consumer Metering <
  • Mobile Sub-Station and others

Pre requisite for Part-B :

  • The towns/project area should have been included in Part-A of the  R-APDRP.
  • The towns/project area should have more than 15% of AT&C losses.

Major Guidelines for Part-B issued by MOP:

  • The utilities will be required to achieve AT&C loss reduction at the entire utility level every year starting one year after the year in which first project of the Part-A is completed.
  • Utilities having AT&C loss above 30%: Reduction by 3% per year
  • Utilities having AT&C loss below 30%: Reduction by 1.5 % per year
  • The Part-B project shall be completed within three years from the date of its sanction.
  • The AT&C loss of the project area duly certified by TPIEA before start of Part-B works, will be treated as Base Line AT&C loss of the project area for all purposes.
  • Utility has to ensure Ring Fencing of the project area
  • Utility has to establish the Baseline AT&C losses before implementation of Part-B
  • Return on investment for the project shall not be less than 10%.
  • Project shall be executed on total turnkey basis.
As per the guidelines, the DPRs were prepared for 24 Towns in BESCOM and sanctioned for Rs. 290.28 Crores. BESCOM invited tenders for 24 towns for R-APDRP Part-B amounting to Rs. 290.28 Crores (Sanctioned by M/s PFC, New Delhi), in 7 packages (District Wise) on Total Turnkey basis as per the directions of Steering committee, MOP.
Accordingly detailed work award for R-APDRP Part-B have been issued and RAPDRP Part-B project shall be completed within the targeted time.

The works shall be executed in 3 stages for the period of 24 months which are as under:


  • Running new 11kV line / link line for bifurcation of feeders
  • Providing 11kV Aerial Bunched cable
  •  Reconductoring of 11kV feeder / line with Coyote conductor
  •  Reconductoring of 11kV feeder / line with Rabbit conductor
  •  Enhancement of 25KVA by 63KVA Distribution Transformers
  •  Enhancement of 63KVA by 100KVA Distribution Transformers
  •  Enhancement of 100KVA by 250KVA Distribution Transformers
  •  Replacement of Electromechanical meters by static meters
  •  Providing Autoreclosures
  •  Providing Sectionalisers


  • Erection of new Distribution transformer center
  • Running new LT line / additional circuit
  • Reconductoring of LT line
  • Providing LT Ariel Bunched cable


  •  Providing trolley mounted Compact substation with 11kV, 50Hz 500kva distribution transformer
  • Conversion of Single phase 2 wire to 3 Ph. 5 wire of LT line
  • Conversion of Single phase 3 wire to 3 Ph. 5 wire of LT line
  • Conversion of Single phase 4 wire to 3 Ph. 5 wire of LT line
  • Repair & Maintenance works