Public Grievance Redress System

PGRS is web based enabled service where in customer can access and download details of his R.R.No. such as Historical data of consumer, payments made and other details. Each customer will be provided with customer login ID and Password.

This facility is available for such of consumers in the area where M/s Infosys has rolled out MBC modules. At present M/s Infosys has rolled out in W3, W4, W5, S3, Challakere etc.,

Under PGRS the has following options where in he can enquire about queries regarding billing and other associated complaints/ Regarding his R.R.No. and other services.

(1)    Web
(2)    Email
(3)    SMS
(4)    Fax etc.,

A dedicated software application will be deployed to record, monitor and handle all the customer grievances. Once the complaint is registered through any of the channels, the system generates the docket number which will be tracked for resolution till the end of the redressal of the complaint.

Consumer grievance redressal is an important function of an efficient, responsive and transparent body. The basic purpose is to provide a grievance redressal mechanism; a platform to the citizens to lodge their complaints through various channels related to service they receive from BESCOM and also to voice their opinions and provide feedback on service rendered by the body.

Public Grievance Redressal process assists BESCOM in improving their services in the following manner: