Public disclosure

Public Disclosure:

Public disclosure is a situation in which information that was formerly not known to the general public is willingly presented or disclosed to the populace. Disclosures of this type are common in business operations, public service work, and in the world of investing. There are a number of different ways to manage the process of public disclosure, including the use of print media, press conferences, and electronic media such as television or the Internet.

In many countries, there are specific laws that govern the process of public disclosure. These disclosure regulations not only specify what types of information must be provided to the general public, but also often define what types of information are not subject to disclosure.

The goal of public disclosure is to institute transparency and accountability in the functioning of an organization through publication of information pertaining to various facets of governance, namely, personnel, particulars of administrative structure, finances and operations.

The core objectives of Public Disclosure Law are:

  • To provide appropriate financial and operational information on various services to citizens and other stakeholders.
  • To promote efficiency and consistency in the delivery of public goods and services.
  • To enable comparison over time (of a particular organization) and space (between similar organization) by disseminating information in a structured, regular and standardized manner.

BESCOM is a public utility company owned by Govt. of Karnataka. BESCOM deals with vast number of files and information. All the information in BESCOM is recorded in the file and these files are very crucial to the functioning of BESCOM.

Currently, the files are maintained in the record rooms in the racks/almirahs of the offices. These files get damaged over a period of time, also the information in the files are not readily available, due to which critical decision making is rendered impossible. The public records needs to be digitized and also in the era of RTI, scanning and digitization of the records will make easier for BESCOM to provide required information to the public.

Hence, action is initiated for scanning and digitization of BESCOM records and for the public disclosure of the same in the BESCOM website.