Press Release

However, the provisions, regarding standards of performance and compensation will not apply during abnormal situations like war, riots, floods, earthquake and during strikes by employees.

The KERC has made a provision of compensation was a legal right conferred on consumers by the Electricity Act. Further the  consumers to exercise their rights. Bangalore Electricity Supply Company(BESCOM)  said the Bescom would make best efforts to adhere to the performance standards prescribed by the new regulations. “Bescom will consult the KERC in areas where the provisions are not practical.”


P O W E R     S E R V I C E     T I M E F R A M E
Nature of Service Maximum time for service Compensation to consumer
Normal Fuse-off
Cities and Towns Within 6 hours Rs 50 in each case of default
Rural areas Within 24 hours
Line Breakdowns
Cities and Towns Within 6 hours Rs 50 to each affected consumer
Rural areas Within 24 hours