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State Govt ’empowers’ electricity consumers

A power utility will have to compensate consumers when it fails to meet the performance level or fails to meet the deadline for complaints.

There is good news for power consumers who are tired of pleading with power utility to attend to their complaints quickly. The power supplying company will now have to pay you compensation if it fails to attend fuse of complaint within six hours of lodging the complaint (24 hours in rural areas). Similarly, the power supplying company has to pay compensation to all the affected consumers if it fails to rectify the breakdown in electricity lines within six hours (24 hours in villages) or fails to set right distribution transformer failures within 24 hours (3 days in villages).

Such a provision has been made in the new Regulations issued by the Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission on Standards of Performance. These provisions have come into effect from June 10 itself when the regulations were gazetted.

It is not just about attending fuse complaint, the regulations issued in accordance with the Electricity Act 2003 prescribe benchmark for services and deadlines for attending to various complaints. The power utility has to compensate consumers when it fails to meet the performance level or fails to meet the deadline for responding to complaints.

The compensation in most of the cases is Rs 50 per consumer and Rs 200 in some cases. The compensation would be adjusted in the monthly bills of consumers within 3 months if they submit a claim for the compensation amount.

If the power utility fails to compensate, the consumer can approach the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum formed by the Power supplying company and thereafter to the Ombudsman, established by the KERC.

As per the regulations, the power supplying companies have to regularly provide information on compensation settlement to the KERC which in turn would make public details in this regard.

Date : Monday, September 25th, 2017
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Date : Monday, January 16th, 2017

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