Arranging Power Supply in 24 Hours

Procedure to be followed by the applicant for arranging power supply within 24 Hours.

(Presently only for Bangalore Metropolitan Area)

(1)    Application in the prescribed format shall be filled up in all respects.  The application can be downloaded from our website.  The blank application forms are also available at all sub divisional offices.


Download Application Form (English) From Here


(2)    Ownership proof documents such as Sanctioned Plan / Tax paid receipt / Khatha certificate/Sale deed/NOC from the owner if the applicant is tenant to be enclosed.


(3)    Applicant shall meet the area sub-division officers/Asst. Engineer (Tech.) for availing power supply with the above documents.


(4)    Completion report cum test report and the Wiring Diagram in duplicate duly signed by the Licensed Electrical Contractor and the consumer are to be enclosed.


Download Wiring Diagram (English) Report From Here


(5)  Embossed Agreement forms can be obtained from AE(T) by paying the prescribed fee.


 Download Agreement Form (English) From Here


(6)   Necessary deposits and other charges as mentioned in the power supply sanction letter issued by the Sub-Divisional office, shall be paid on the same day at the sub-division cash counter before 3.30 P.M.


(7)   The applicant shall ensure the following before filling application:


(a)    The building shall be ready for occupation.


(b)   The internal wiring of the building for which the power supply served shall have been completed in all respects.


(c)    The distance of the premises from the nearest Distribution Main Pole shall be less than 30 Mtrs.


(d)    The size of the service main cable shall be of 1.1 KV class, PVC insulated, armoured and sheathed 10/16 2 core for load upto 5kW and 10/16 4 core for load between 5 kW and 7.5 kW, as per the standard specifications.


(e)    The Meter board of size 300 MM x 300 MM x 65 MM for single phase and
500 MM x 500 MM x 65 MM for three phase shall have been fixed at a convenient place at the entrance of the building.


(f)     All Electrical works such as laying of service main cable, fixing necessary Bus Bar chamber, terminating the service main cable at the Pole/LT FP Box, fixing of suitable capacity MCB/ELCB etc., shall have been completed as per standard specifications.


(g)    The Earthing shall be done as per IS-3043 of 1987 and the earthing pit shall be filled only in the presence of concerned AE/JEE O&M unit.


(h)    This scheme is applicable only for the areas where the infrastructure is already existing.


(i)      This scheme is applicable for such of the buildings where no. of floors are up to 3 (Three) and total  Plinth area of the building is less than 500  Sq. Mtrs and the total requisitioned load of the building is less than 7.5 KWs.


(j)     The building premises shall have sufficient clearances from LT/HT and EHT lines as required under IE rules   detailed below:



(a) For 11 KV and LT lines:

Horizontal Clearance: 1.2 Mtrs, Vertical clearance: 2.5 Mtrs.

(b) For EHT lines: Above 33 KVs

Horizontal Clearance: 2 Mtrs + 0.3 Mtrs. for every addl. 33 kV

Vertical clearance: 3.7 Mtrs + 0.3 Mtrs. for every addl. 33 kV

(k)       There shall not be any arrears in respect of any installation that might have earlier existence in the premises where the old building is demolished and new building is constructed.


(l)         For common main installations, there shall not be any arrears in respect of any of the existing in the premises.


(m)       The consumer shall procure the required capacity of meters from the authorized Metering Outlets and hand over the same to the O&M unit for availing power supply.


(n)                The applicant on any of his/her representative shall be present at the site at the time of servicing the installation.