Issues Covered under Regulations

Following are the information and the procedure to be followed by the consumer for filing the complaints.

Issues covered under the Regulations:

The Regulations covers matters relating to the following:

  • Establishment and composition of the Forum
  • Jurisdiction of the Forum
  • The Obligation of the Licensee (Electricity Supply Company)
  • Procedure for lodging complaints
  • Procedure followed in the Forum for disposing off complaints
  • Provisions relating to Ombudsman
  • Procedure for lodging complaint with Ombudsman
  • Powers of the Ombudsman

Objective of this Regulation:

The objective of this Regulation is to protect the interests of electricity consumers and to give them an additional Forum to bring their complaints and grievances before the Forum and Ombudsman for quick Redressal.

Whether the consumer is require to pay to file their complaints/grievances?

NO,the consumer need not pay any amount to file complaints before the Forum or to prefer an appeal before the Ombudsman.

Is it necessary to engage an Advocate?

NO, there is no necessity to engage an Advocate. Consumer can appear on his/her own. If need be, consumer may nominate his/her representative before the Forum or the Ombudsman.

Who can File a complaint?

A complaint can be filed by the following:

A consumer of electricity supplied by the licensee

Any registered consumer association

Who is a Consumer under these Regulations?

For the purposes of this Regulation a consumer means any person who is supplied with electricity for his own use by a licensee under the Electricity Act 2003 or any other law for the time being in force and includes any person whose premises are for the time being connected for the purpose of receiving electricity with the works of the licensee.

Can all complaints relating to electricity be filed in the Forum?

No. There are certain grievances on which the Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum cannot entertain complaints from the consumers. The following are excluded from the purview of the Forum:

(a) Unauthorized use of electricity as provided under Section 126 of The Electricity Act 2003
(b) Offences and penalties as provided under Section 135 to 139 of The Electricity Act 2003
(c) Accident in the distribution, supply or use of electricity as provided Under Section 161 of the Electricity Act

Establishment of the Forum by the licensee

Every Licensee should establish one Consumer Grievance Redressal Forum having jurisdiction over its area of supply. The Forum shall have sittings at the Head Quarters and/or at any other place in the Licensees’ area as may be decided by the Chairperson depending upon the number of grievances and area of operation.

Schedule of the Forum to Meet:

The Forum shall meet at least once in a fortnight.