How the complaint system works


In today’s world, the customer’s awareness of service standards has increased tremendously. The service expectations of the customers too are very high. BESCOM realizes this & understood that its customers are entitled to –

• Timely service.
• Receiving service from competent & knowledgeable staff.
• Reliable & accurate information.
• Being treated with respect & courtesy.
• An effective feedback mechanism.

BESCOM understood that it needed to have a system or mechanism in place which could cater to redressal of any customer grievances related to electricity & its supply within its purview. This led to the development of PGRS-BESCOM.

PGRS – BESCOM is a multi-point Public Grievance Redressal System of BESCOM, which has been designed to cater to the redressal of grievances of consumers, related to electricity and its uninterrupted supply on a 24/7 basis.

BESCOM has made efforts to ensure that the PGRS system is customer friendly & can be accessed by the consumers through different modes. Complaints can be made via –

 Website – (

 Email –

 SMS – (58888)

BESCOM (space) (space)
For Example: BESCOM S3 No power supply

 Facebook (NammaBescom)

 Telephone – (080 – 22873333)

Complaint Processing

Once the complaint is registered by the consumer through any of the above mentioned modes, the wheels begin to turn at BESCOM. The PGRS application captures all the necessary information regarding the consumer viz. Name, Mobile/Landline number, Address, Sub-division, and Category of complaint needed to address the consumer grievance.
The consumer gets an automated SMS with the docket number.It is necessary that the information regarding consumer’s grievance reaches the AEEs/Field officer to ensure a quick resolution.The SMS containing complaint details such as docket number, nature of complaint & consumer contact number is immediately forwarded to concerned AEEs.
Apart from central helpline there are circle control rooms which are integrated with central helpline using online PGRS web application ( The Circles then in turn, transmit the complaint to the appropriate O & M/ Service Stations and upon resolution of the pending complaint; the Circle control room closes the complaints through online PGRS web application.
Before closing the dockets, the Circle Control also ensures that they call back all the consumers & confirm that their grievance is resolved. Through 100% call verification BESCOM ensures that there is a significant jump in the customer satisfaction ratings.
Apart from this, the Central Helpline also does 10% random verification of the closed complaints to cross check the circle performance.

SLA & Commitments

A Service-Level Agreement (SLA) is a negotiated agreement between two or more parties, where one is the customer and the others are service providers. In its endeavor to become the Number One in Customer satisfaction in South Asia in Power distribution, BESCOM too has specified its level of service to its consumers depending on the severity of the issue.

Category Category Complaints BMAZ BRAZ CTAZ
Duration Duration Duration
A Any grievances regarding no power supply to the consumers. 1 HOUR 2 HOUR 2 HOUR
B Complaints where power supply is available but there are complaints regarding, Voltage fluctuations, Frequent power cuts, Tree branches touching the lines, Pole bend/broken, Sparking, meter problems & Safety issues 3 Days 6 days 6 Days
C Billing issue & All other Grievances which are not falling under Category (A) and (B). 15 Days 15 Days 15 Days
D Power theft & Allegation against staff 1 Month 1 Month 1 Month
E Capex works or any complaint that needs Budget approval or more than 1 lakh Expenditure 3 Months 3 Months 3 Months


Any organization including BESCOM has to place the needs of the consumers first. There is a need for a top-down priority commitment to service, resulting in a complete understanding of customer needs and perceptions. This service culture is important because the SLA process is all about making improvements based on customer needs. It is imperative that BESCOM honor’s its word as per the previously stated SLAs. This commitment must also come from management and all individuals associated with the SLA process.


Consumers are requested to escalate to the next level only if there has been no response for 30 minutes. Consumers are requested only to SMS their docket number to the above mentioned numbers.