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Ongoing DSM Projects

1.9W LED bulb & 20W LED tube light


  • Replacement of conventional incandescent bulb by 9W LED bulb under Hosa Belaku.
  • Replacement of fluorescent tube lights by 20W T8 LED tube lights under Phase-2 of “Hosa Belaku”.
  • M/s Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) (a Joint Venture of PSU’s of MoP, GoI) is the consultant and implementing agency.

2.Surya Raitha


In September 2014, the Government of Karnataka (GoK) envisaged a sustainable solution to the problem of agricultural power by way of the Surya Raitha scheme. This scheme proposes to provide net metered solar water pumps with high energy efficient. Farmers who previously drew energy from the grid will now be encouraged to export excess energy generated by their solar water pumps and earn a tariff for net energy exported thereby completely eliminating energy usage for agriculture in the converted pumps.

BESCOM has initiated to arrange power supply to 310 no. of IP sets of Harobele 11kV feeder of Kanakapura sub-division on pilot basis. The project promotes energizing the IP sets with solar power by replacing existing inefficient IP sets with efficient pump sets and feed in excess energy to the grid on net-metering concept. The excess energy fed into the grid will be paid back to the farmers as per tariff fixed by KERC resulting in additional income to the farmers apart from the income earned through crops.

3.Automated DSM program:

A DSM measure to reduce 5MW peak load by Automated Demand Side Management (ADSM) including renewable integration. The project is Implementing through M/s. Innovari Technologies Pvt. Ltd. in collaboration with USAID.

4.Solar DC Inverter less system by IIT-Madras, Chennai:


  • A pilot project implemented for 215 households in Belagavadi village, Magadi taluk, Ramanagara District.
  • Integrates DC power from solar, AC power from the grid, DC power from the battery and provide output power at 48V DC for dedicated circuit.
  • The Scheme provides 2 Nos. LED bulbs, 1 No LED tube light, 1 No DC fan and 2 Nos. DC sockets for mobile charging.
  • Remote monitoring of power consumption, load usage and system performance

5.Intelligent Lighting Management System (ILMS)

  • A pilot project implemented in projects section, Corporate Office, BESCOM.
  • “Intelligent Lighting Management System” (ILMS) will automate switching ‘ON’ and switching ‘OFF’ office lighting system by movement and daylight sensing.
  • Energy savings will be between 30-50%.
  • Zero manpower cost and increase in life of the equipment.

6.Providing BESCOM advertisements through Dual Display Infotainment System (DDIS) at railway reservation counters:

dual display

BESCOM has initiated to advertise DSM measures through DDIS system coming under jurisdiction of BESCOM at Railway reservation/ticketing counters through LED TV screen spread in all the major passenger reservation systems (PRS) and un-reserved ticketing systems (UTS) Railway stations for a period of two year. Work award has been issued to M/s Vyoma Technologies.

7.BEE 5 star rated Ceiling Fan powered by AC induction motor


  • Replacement of conventional Ceiling Fans by BEE 5 star rated Ceiling Fans powered by AC induction motor.
  • M/s Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL) (a Joint Venture of PSU’s of MoP, GoI) is the consultant and implementing agency.

8.Solar Water Heaters

roof solar

  • Government of Karnataka has issued Order No : EN396/NCE2006 dtd:13.11.2007 for the use of Solar Water Heaters as mandatory for the buildings constructed in sites measuring more than 1200 sq.ft area.
  • Circulars and instructions have been issued to the field officers to educate and bring in awareness about the advantage of installing Solar Water Heating systems as per above circular.
  • Notification No. KERC/COS/D/07/10 dtd: 01.07.2010 published in Karnataka Gazette dtd: 22.07.2010.
  • A rebate of 50 paise per unit of electricity consumed subject to a maximum of Rs.50/- per installation per month will be allowed to Tariff schedule LT 2(a), if solar water heater are installed and used. Where bulk solar water heating system is installed, solar water heater rebate shall be allowed to each of the individual installations, provided that, the capacity of solar water heater in such apartment/group housing shall be a minimum capacity of 100 ltr. per household.
  • Regarding the installation of Solar Water Heaters, the following directions are issued as per Circular No: BESCOM/BC-9/1554/2010-11 dated: 20.08.2010.
  • SL.No Area of the Rooftop in Sq.ft Recommended capacity of Solar Water Heater in Ltrs
    1 1200 Sq.ft-1500 Sq.ft 200 Ltrs
    2 1501 Sq.ft-2400 Sq.ft 300 Ltrs
    3 2401 Sq.ft and above 100 Ltrs per one house
    (Dwelling unit) (can be installed in Bulk)
  • The public are being enlightened on this in various forums especially in Janasamparka Sabhas, Customer meets etc., We have also instructed the Meter Readers and the Linemen who are visiting the customer premises during the meter readings and while attending to the customer complaints to explain about the advantages of Solar Water Heating systems in the form of saving energy and consequential reduction in the electricity bills.
  • BESCOM have issued strict directions to the field officers to adhere to the notifications issued regarding mandatory use of Solar Water Heating systems by the customers as per the guidelines of Government of Karnataka.

9.Solar Roof Top Project (SRTPV)

solar panel

The Government of Karnataka has announced solar policy for Grid connected Solar Rooftop PV system on the Rooftop of the Residential/Commercial/Educational/Industrial organizations.
Benefits of the installing solar roof top system:

  • Solar power generation environment friendly
  • Generate own power for the installation.
  • Earn money by exporting excess solar Energy generated into the grid after self-consumption.

For more details please go to “SRTPV link” in Home Page of BESCOM website.