BESCOM : Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited

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  • Ganga Kalyana Scheme was started from 1983
  • It is the Social responsibality of BESCOM and GoK to energize the backward farmer Ip Sets of SC, ST, BCM & KMDC
  • Gangakalyana includes 4 corproations
    • Dr.B.R. Ambedkar Development Corporation(SC)
    • Karnataka State Tribal Development Corporation(ST)
    • D.Devraju Urs backward Class Development Corproation(BCM)>
    • Karnataka Minortiy Development Corporation(KMDC)

  • The beneficiaries of all the 4 Corporations have to be furnished by the District Officers of the respective Corporations with their seal & signature
  • The related documents viz. RTC , Water right certificate, Borewell Certificate, Caste certificate, Khata number, Survey number, borewell drilled details, ground water depletion certificate and the receipt of the registration fee of Rs 50 is to be submitted at the sub division by the applicant
  • The concerned Section Officers has to inspect the spot, prepare an estimate and submit the estimate to the Division office through the Sub- division office to issue the Power sanction letter to the consumer with a copy to the District Officer of the respective Corporations
  • The deposits for the individual IP sets to be paid by the beneficiaries of all the Corporations as detailed in the Power sanction letter is as below:
    • Initial Security Deposit : 1 HP = Rs 610/-
    • Meter Security Deposit= Rs 1200/-
    • Meter Box= Rs 330/-
  • The deposits for the Community IP sets to be paid by the beneficiaries of D.Devraju Urs(BCM) & Karnataka Minority Development (KMDC) Corporations is Rs 25,000/-
  • The work order is issued by the Division office after the payment of the above said deposits by the respective Corporations
  • There is no limitation for the estimate cost for energization of IP sets under Ganga kalyana scheme
  • The works are executed by the Licensed Electrical Contractor on Labour award/Total Turnkey/Partial Turnkey basis as per the rules and installations will be serviced by ESCOMs.
  • However to avoid applications pending at Consumer end, a circular has been issued in Corporate office vide CYS-42 dated 12.06.2012, where in the applicant has to furnish all the details along with payment of deposits at the time of registration itself
  • To Regsiter the Gangakalyana applications through online, BESCOM has developed Common Web Based Software of Gangakalyana both for Corporations and ESCOMs. In the Software first, the Corporations has to enter the details after the Hard file submitted by the Corporations to ESCOM’s sub-divisions the process starts at sub-division Office.
  • Every Month SEE’s of C,O&M Circles will conduct the reconciliation meeting at their respective jurisdiction. The reconciled statistics jointly signed by District Managers and BESCOM Officials will be submitted to Corporate Office. As per this Monthly Porgress will be conducted and the same information will be submitted to GoK, KPTCL and other related Government Meetings.

  • Installations serviced under gangakalyana for last 3 years is as follows:
Scheme 2011-12 2012-13 2013-14
Gangakalyana 2867 5694 4511