Electronic Clearance Scheme (ECS)

Consumers in Bangalore City can pay the Electricity bills through their bank account at no extra cost and saving their precious time by opting ECS Scheme.

  •   Which Bank  Consumer can avail this facility through any Bank in Bangalore city having daily clearance with RBI.
  •   Whose Account  Consumer account or through anybody else’s account after due authorization.
  •   Debiting On  Bank will debit the bill amount only on the due date.
  •   Proof of Payment  Pass book entry as “ECS” will be proof of payment.
  •   Bill Details  Consumer will continue to get the bills as usual for their information and record.


  •   No extra cost payable either to Bank or BESCOM.
  •   No traveling to cash counters.
  •   No risk of carrying money.
  •   No standing in long queues.
  •   No wastage of precious time.
  •   No necessity of depending on someone to pay their bills.
  •   No debiting of money in the bank before due date, thus allowing time for any clarification in respect of bill.
  •   No fear of debiting more amount as there is a limit in the Mandate, exact amount of the bill will be debited to Bank account on due date.
  •   An incentive at the rate of 0.25% on the bill amount.