ABOUT Unauthorized IP set regularization

  • There are approximately 1.35 lakhs Un-Authorised IP sets are existing in the state of Karnataka, due to which Transformers are overlaoded which leads to failure of transformers, and hence commercial & distribution loss
  • To reduce transformers overloading & losses, the State Governement introduced a scheme called Regularisation of Un-Authorised IP sets
  • These Un-Authorised IP sets are regularized after the payment of regularization fee of Rs.10,000/- with other deposits and necessary infrastructure will be provided .
  • Government of Karnataka had given a deadline on 31.07.2012 for registration of Un-Authorised IP sets. 85241 Nos. are registered at the end of 31.07.2012 and 40864 Nos. have been regularised after the payment of regulatization fee and other deposits.