1. The Power Distribution utility operations are growing very rapidly due to the rapid urbanization, industrial development, economic reforms and policies etc. With such huge growth of demand, Utilities are galloping to serve the consumers with reliable quality power at affordable prices.
  2. With the advancement in the technological and digital arena the options available are aplenty. Among the plethora of available options choosing the right technology at the right time proves to be the most critical factor for the growth of the organization.
  3. Having a workable, technically feasible and economically viable solution is of paramount importance and for this objective BESCOM has created a new wing for R&D known as Technology Innovation Centre (TIC). This Centre is governed by Council of experts known as Technology Innovation Council.
  4. The main mission of this team is to develop superior, workable, technically feasible as well as economically viable model. Thus this team will enable implementation of solutions which reduce the capex as well as opex, energy waste, inventory, footprint on real estate which will enable increased uptime, improved asthetics, easy adoptability, fast implement ability, flexibility, scalability etc in other words creating efficient systems and practices.
  5. There are several benefits that can be derived by starting this T.I.C. Some of the benefits can be tangible resulting in
    • Increase in revenue collection
    • reduction of AT&C losses
    • reduction of technical losses
    • reduction in commercial losses
    • increase in billing / collection efficiency etc
    Some of the benefits may be non-tangible in nature but will result in
    improved consumer image, customer satisfaction level etc.
  6. To obtain ideas from the public BESCOM is launching a new webpage for this purpose. BESCOM employees as well as the general public are allowed to submit their innovative ideas / suggestions on this webpage to be evaluated by the Council members. Meritorious suggestions could be eligible for award or reward.