Unforeseen load shedding due to shutting off UPCL generation

Dear All,

There is an important news on the power situation, which, I thought, is my duty to bring before you, our consumers. The Udupi Power Corporation Limited (UPCL), a private company, which supplies 1,200 MW to our grid (600 MW to BESCOM), has stopped supplying power to us since last 4 days, with just 2 days notice. This was a complete surprise, and made a sudden dent in our daily plan.

Reason: UPCL suddenly reported ‘no stock’ of coal and stopped generation. We are examining their claim, as its within their purview to procure coal. However, such legal and official communications will take days and weeks to result in action.

So, we activated our emergency response system, and increased the production from the govt owned company (KPCL) up to 600 MW, But, still, we are short of 600 MW. 600 MW is approx 9% of our total consumption, and equivalent to 2 hours of power supply in a day.

However in-spite of the problem, we are ensuring NO Load shedding in Bangalore city, due to micro management of the grid. In case anybody faces power outage, please reach our HELPLINE at www.bescom.org or SMS to our GM.CR at 080-22873333.

We hope that UPCL will start generation soon and will not make the state and the public suffer. It may take another week or two. Till then I, on behalf of BESCOM request all of you, our esteemed consumers, to kindly bear with us. I thank you sincerely for this.

Anand Naik