BESCOM : Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited

SMS: 58888
Helpline: 1912

BESCOM – Orders and Circulars

Sanction of AO Post to Kolar and Davanagere Circle Office (5-4-2011)

regarding cancellation of Power of Chief Engineers(Elec.) of Zone to transfer Officers within the Zonal Juridisction (2-4-2011)

Additional vehical facility for Subdivision for handling consumer complaints (1-4-2011)

regarding providing in time Medical treatment when non-accidents accurs for field staff(1-4-2011)

Adoptation of cost Centre Approach Model in all 26 O&M divisions and other 20 Accounting Units of BESCOM(28-3-2011)

Regarding Administrative and General expenses (24-3-2011)

Regarding Streetlights of Newly built layouts (23-3-2011)

Regarding Facility of Group Insurance to all employees\Officers of KPTCL and ESCOM’s (22-3-2011)

Consumer Interaction meeting Schedule for Apr-2011 and May-2011

Expression of Specific Areas of Interest for training – Reg.(21-3-2011)

Regarding Lights off after 6:30 pm at the Office

signing with Name,Designation and Date (19-3-2011)

Meeting Notice: Staff Meeting to be conducted on 18-3-2011 at 5:00 pm

Re-constitute of Technical Committee for vendor approval (4-3-2011)

regarding Power of Chief Engineers(Elec.) of Zone to transfer Officers within the Zonal Juridisction (3-3-2011)

OM of Renaming post of GM(Corporate Planning) as GM(Corporate Affairs) (21-2-2011)

Regarding Consumer grievience handling (23-2-2011)

Regarding Rules of Using Rented vehicles by Officers (23-2-2011)

Regarding sending Request by employees/Officers to corporate Office only through proper channel(21-2-2011)

Reallocation of Duty and Responsibility (21-2-2011)

Regarding Maintainence of Service Van (21-2-2011)

Directions Regarding Mutual and request Transfer of officers (19-2-2011)

Availability of field Officers at head quarters (17-2-2011)

Directions Regarding Mutual Transfer of employees/Officers 15-2-2011

Regarding Reposting of employees/Officers who are suspended and their Department enquiry is pending (15-2-2011)

OM of Renaming post of GM(Customer Complaints and operations) as GM(operations) (10-2-2011)

Regarding Paper notification of Tenders (09-02-2011)

Workshop on Safety measures (02-02-2011)

Corrigendum: Annual Inventory of T&P articles(31-1-2011)

Regarding Request transfer for officers/employees having old unhealty parents (25-1-2011)

Annual Inventory of T&P articles of Corporate office (21-1-2011)

Changing of Public Information Officer (14-1-2011)

Lecture on heart attack on 21-1-2011 at corporate office (13-1-2011)

Releasing Advance fund to Medical treatment of field staff when non-fatal accident accurs (13-1-2011)

Allocation of Officers/employees due to reorganisation of corporate Office

Lecture/workshop from Diatory management, Bangalore on 13.1.2011

Reallocation of roles and responsibility of all the sections of Corporate office (12-1-2011)

Signing Authority for Power Purchase related issues (6-1-2011)

Signing Authority for Appeal related issues (6-1-2011)

Allocate TA&QC Staff for inspection of materials (6-1-2011)

Following Contract Labour Regulation Act 1970 (5-1-2011)

Relieving of Officers/employees(5-1-2011)

Monitoring of Distribution Transformer Repairs (3-1-2011)

Reallocation of roles and responsibility of all the sections of Corporate office (3-1-2011)

Reorganise of Corporate Office Sections (3-1-2011)

Renaming of Divisions of BMAZ(1-1-2011)

Minor Repairs to Transformers – Regarding Spot Repair (23-12-2010)

Attend to/reply to Consumer Complaint Compulsorily (15-12-2010)

Rules to be followed by Existing Registered Man Power agencies (15-12-2010)

Issue of Location Code to Projects Section, Corporate Office,BESCOM (08-12-2010)

Complaint handling of consumers sent by email

Facility of on Request transfer/posting of BESCOM female employees to take care of below 1 year child (07-12-2010)

Regarding Medical Reimbursement(06-12-2010)

Appointment of Lady Medical Officer for corporate Office (02-12-2010)

Issue of Location Code to Chintamani(C,O&M) (30-11-2010)

Copies of correspondence marked to PS to MD (30-11-2010)

Drawing of 11 kv Dectector from store (27-11-2010)

Placing of Purchase orders for the materials which are not available in Stores(30-10-2010)

Issue of Account Codes(28-10-2010)

Appointment of Junior Medical Officer at Corporate office(13-10-2010)

Approval of Service tax

Pre-check of indents before issue of materials dated 7-9-2010

New connection to tubewell:Pumpsets Cetified by Buro of Energy dated 7-9-2010

Addition of Chintamani Urban and Rural Subdivision areas to Chikkaballapura Division

Maintainence of Consumer Complaints information at HRD section, BESCOM.

Distribution of key Chains: Mukyamathrigala Varshika Ratna Prashasti 2010

Work allocation of ALM, probationary Mazdoors and gangmans

Regarding Payment of Data entry Operators and Attenders dated 24-8-2010

Consultation of Senior Medical Officer at corporate officer, BESCOM

Regarding Capacity (in liters) of Solar water Heaters dated 20-8-2010

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