BESCOM : Bangalore Electricity Supply Company Limited

SMS: 58888
Helpline: 1912

ಹೆಚ್ ವಿ ಡಿ ಎಸ್ ನ ಬಗ್ಗೆ



  • HVDS is a technology where the Electricity is distributed to the consumers at Higher Voltage Level (11kV) instead of Low Voltage (400V/240V)
  • Normally in the present distribution network, the 11kV HT line goes to the DTC (Distribution Transformer Centre) and from there lengthy LT Lines (400V/240V) are drawn to give supply to different installations
  • In HVDS System the HT lines are run up to the installation premises and there it is stepped down through a Transformer before arranging supply through service main


  • Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission has issued directives with a view to reduce high levels of technical and commercial losses in the distribution system
    BESCOM had already issued work awards for implementingthe scheme in:
  • * Chikkaballapura RSD (6 Feeders) Sub-division

    * Tumkur RSD-1 & RSD-2 (25 Feeders) Sub-divisions

    * Doddaballapura (9 feeders) Sub-division

    * Rate contracts issued in respect ofDoddaballapura Sub-division have been short closed & contracts redesignated to Tumkur Taluk. Rate contract issued for Kengeri has been terminated and redesignated to Tumkur taluk

  • Out of the above, Tumkur RSD-1 & RSD-2 (i.eTumkur Taluk) was decided to be taken as pilot and work is under progress in 25 feeders. The DPR’s for the balance 38 feeders are under preparation
  • Implementation of HVDS in Kanakapura taluk has been approved & DPRs are prepared and total cost of the implementation of scheme is 166Crs. For 49 feeders
  • In Chikkaballapur&Doddaballapurawork is under progress

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